It was June 1993 I went on a Trip to Israel and Rome with my church, at that time The Apostolic Revival Center in Mi​ami, FL sponsored this trip yearly and I decided to go. They talked about it being a trip that every Christian should take to see all the things the Bible spoke of and where Jesus actually lived and walked.  We went to many places like Bethlehem, Bethsaida, Jerusalem, Joppa, Dead Sea, Sea of Galilee, Golgotha Hill, Jesus’ Tomb, I was Baptized in the Jordan River and  many other places. When we went to Jericho, I was in awe of how Rahab the harlot's house was still standing over against the wall.  As I was walking back to catch up with the group, a strong wave of heat flowed over me from my head to my feet and I was crying, I just stood there no one else around me and I heard the voice of Jesus say to me "I want you to go to Africa", this is all that was said. I was still crying, when caught up with my Pastor and told him what had just happened and he said God is calling you to be a Missionary. This was the anointing I believe that God had called me to Africa.  Africa is 3 times the size of America; I was so excited about getting started. This call and desire for Africa has been upon me since that time. I went on my first trip to Africa in 1994.

I invited others to go  with me to Africa and I became a Tour Coordinator doing yearly tours with people all over America. We toured Ghana, Senegal, Gambia and Egypt; I did this for approx. 5 years. I started a church fellowship with an African Pastor and a Pastor in Florida. I knew the Tour business was not the call God had for me, and I waited for his leading.

Our company RH2 Technologies conducted business in Africa and the Middle East but had no success; instead I lost all of my earnings from retirement. I tried all kind of business ventures and none worked out. We worked with precious minerals, precious stones, oil, other minerals and commodities, and had no success. I was asking God why is this happening to me when all I wanted to do is help Africa in some way. I started to get discouraged with the Africans and the way they conducted business, so many dishonest practices. To add injury to insult I met Pastors who were dishonest, liars and very deceitful, with no fear of God. I told the Lord I was not going back to Africa anymore I had had enough of it; but I returned to Africa and still things did not work out, I tried to resume the Tour business but my heart was not in it.

In 2007 I was led of the Lord to go to Kenya. I had been communicating with a young man there and he told me of the suffering, poverty and orphans in the country and their need for spiritual help in the churches. I built a website for them called "Empowering The Kisii Community" ( I put their products for sell on trade sites and other places trying to generate sales for them. I researched and looked for Grants that would support their causes so they could  get help. I realized God was leading me more in the direction of the churches and lost souls, this is where I needed to consecrate my call.

I had been praying and fasting about a visit to Kenya to make sure I was dealing with real people and Pastors, so I put forth the effort to go by selling some of my clothing, furniture, and jewelry to raise money for the trip. This trip opened my eyes to the many needs in the country and in the churches. I had never been to Kenya before and knew no one there. I visited this rural area where most of the people slept in African huts, churches made of mud and cow dung and worship services were held under trees, all of this was in Kisii, Kenya. In the Masaai area there was one church with only a tin roof and no walls, upon a hill; the people in that area are very grateful for this structure even though it was unfinished. I saw how the Churches and Self-Help Groups cared for many orphans who had no one to care for them. Many left by parents who died of Aids, Kenya is second to So. Africa with the largest number of Aids cases in the world. Though many of them get no assistance from the government, they do what they can to feed and educate these children. The Grants I sent would enable them to apply for assistance from these Charities and Foundations.

One night in 2008, while I was sleeping Nairobi, the Lord came to me in a dream and told me he wanted to preach his Word to the people, he told me not to preach a denomination, because he is not a denomination, he told me to tell them of his love and his simple plan of salvation. He also told me he would use me to go to many Nations around the world to preach the gospel. When I awoke I could hardly believe the Lord wanted to use me. I told the Lord "here am I, use me Lord". I have ministered in Senegal, China, Hong Kong, Kowloon, Kenya, Tanzania, The Congo, Ghana, South Sudan, India, Zambia and Uganda, I am willing to go wherever the Lord sends me. Read more about me from my website at: Support this ministry, reach out to the Poor, it’s something close to God's heart. Thank you.




"For if I yet pleased men I shall not be the servant of Christ"                                                            "I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me"

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