Born Rosa Bee Brooks to Leroy Brooks & Mamie (Whitfield) Brooks of Quitman, GA, both deceased in 1988. Rosa was born and raised in Miami, FL and attended Miami Northwestern Sr. High School; she graduated from Miami Dade Jr. College and received an AA degree in Social Work. She continued her studies at Barry University in Law Enforcement.

She is a divorced mother with one daughter and a deceased daughter. Presently living in Athens, GA.

Rosa got saved and was Born Again, Sept. 12, 1971, she was 18 years old and 3 and half months pregnant; through it all she has worked in the Vineyard of the Lord, through the good times and the bad, through the ups and the downs in her life . She is a Servant of God! 

Rosa Brooks is an ex-Police Sergeant with the City of Miami Police Department.  Her last assignment was Administrative Sergeant in Homicide. In 1998 Ms. Brooks was inspired by The Lord to move from Miami, FL. to Atlanta, GA., and start an International Procurement Company in the import and export business. She was the President of RH2 Technologies, LLC. We worked primarily with the Middle  East and African Market, offering a variety of services. She has held jobs as a Social Worker for Dade County Health Department; Food Stamp Supervisor for the State of Florida; A Child Protection Worker for Dade County; A Clerical Worker for Dade County Health Department and many other jobs.

In 1996 she was enstooled as a Queen-mother over a rural village in Eastern Ghana named Akorabo. Her enstooled name is Nana Ayerko Korabo I, under Chief E.A. Nargeh. Since 2003 we no longer affiliated with this Village after finding out the Chief misused our support for his own personal gain.

Rosa became an Independent Tour Coordinator, doing African Tours in Senegal, Gambia, Ghana, and Egypt. She has been going to Africa since 1994, taking groups from all over America to Africa to invest trade and start church fellowship. She has had several newspaper articles on her tours and was a freelance writer for Africa-USA Magazine all based in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Her African Tours were featured articles in 1995-96 Africa-USA Magazine. Rosa and Her ex-husband have both written articles for the Pan African Post newspaper in Ghana in 2003, also guest on talk radio Choice FM in Ghana and The University of Ghana Radio.

She is the Author of the book “All Kinfolks” a large study of genealogies on African Americans in Southern Georgia, Virgina, The Carolinas and  Florida. She also participated in the Groit Project with the Smithsonian Institute in Washington.  Rosa host a Blog Talk Radio Program over the Internet, Servant of God Ministries, Inc. (  A Missionary call for all of Africa has led her to start a Ministry “Servant of God Ministries”; going into the rural areas of Africa and other parts of the world, ministering the Word of God and counseling.

My desire is to train Believers in Africa and all over the world to evangelize their own countries; city by city, town by town; village by village with Biblical Leadership skills until Jesus Comes!

Her travels include Italy, Jamaica, Egypt, Israel, Hong Kong, Macau, Kowloon, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana, Senegal, Gambia, Burkina Faso, South Sudan, Zambia, The Congo, India, Mainland China, Bahamas, Kenya, UK, Burundi Faso, Ivory Coast, Amsterdam, Germany, France, Dubai, Qatar, Cuba, Mexico, Japan, United Arab Emirates numerous States in the USA including Hawaii.

"For if I yet pleased men I shall not be the servant of Christ"                                                            "I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me"

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