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How You Can Support

We have identified and verified many of the Churches and other Organizations that we plan on supporting by me personally visiting with them and having some form of communications with them. This is a list of some requested items needed for the ministries and NGO's:

A need for Bible Schools, Bibles (translated), Church Planting and Church construction, housing, digging wells for clean water, schools, vocational skill centers, vans, buses, cars, motorbikes, bicycles, clinics, hospitals, homes for orphans, medicine for Aids/HIV victims, health care /workers/training in (vision, dental, etc) , seeds for crops, fish, poultry, and animal farming, solar energy items, prenatal care and disease prevention of malaria, polio, measles, chicken pox, whooping cough and so many more!






Brothers and Sisters I am writing this letter and appealing to all who read or hear this message to please help me to continue to go to Africa and India to preach and teach the Word of the God. I am an Independent Missionary going into foreign countries. I do not receive support from any churches or organizations. I live by faith and ask that you support this ministry. There is a great need for Bible Teachers and other Believers to go into the rural, bush and villages of Africa and India to teach the Word of God. Many of the people living in these remote areas are in darkness, misinformed and do not have Pastors to who know the Word of God to teach them. Most do not own a Bible or other religious literature to read. Many of these Christians are confused between and New Testament and the Old Testament, they are trying to live under both. (This video is on my page at see video at bottom of this page.

During my travels and preaching in these remote areas I have heard and was told some of the following things I would like to share with you:.​

Missionary Appeal  for Help Video


• Mobs of people are still burning witches (human beings) alive; they feel they are following the Old Testament and that God does not mind the killings. They have never been taught you are to cast the devil out of the person and not burn them.

• Some Christians are still sacrificing animals for their sins, they say they are not sure about Jesus taking away their sin so they are worshipping Christ and sacrificing also.


• There was a Pastor who convinced his members that on a certain day; that the Rapture of the Church was going to take place. They and their members climbed some of the tallest trees around and jumped to their deaths. They were told their souls will be caught away to be with the Lord.  The Police had to stop the others who were waiting for their turn to climb the trees.


• One Pastor who died told the members if they wanted to see him again he would be in heaven. The members built a tall, tall ladder so they could look into heaven to see this Pastor. Those who climbed the ladder were killed because it broke.

• Some Pastors are being taught they no longer need to read the Old Testament only the New Testament because Jesus fulfilled it.


• Some Christians are being taught in order to be baptized all they need to do is jump over some nails because Christ was nailed to the cross.
• Some are being taught in order to be baptized all they need to do is jump over some fire.

“• Many who say they are Born Again Christians are practicing polygamists; they have 2,3,4,5 wives. They justify it by saying that Jesus came from the genealogy of King David, and King David had several wives so it is okay for them to have more than one.

ii) In the churches I visited I found out that the Apostle had 2 wives and 12 children;     several members of that church had multiple wives, one man has 4 wives, 3 sisters from the family.



• Many Christians are participating in the Inheritance Rule in many African Countries. It is based on the Old Testament whereby when one brother died and left a wife, his other brother would marry her and bare children in his brother’s name. That way his land and property stays in the family. It is practiced and followed even by older women who will get a younger woman ( in-law) to marry and have children from any man, but the women and the children will belong to the older woman.  Under this Inheritance Rule so called Christians will search villages for people to inherit. The poor woman has no say; if she rejects it she is treated badly and even ostracized. This is a contributing factor to the spread of Aids in Africa; even if the brother or brother-in-law has aids the woman is still forced to marry.

I hope you feel compelled to support an Independent Missionary, called by the Lord to preach and teach the Gospel.  Mark 16:15 “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature”.  The evil days are upon us, we must work while it is day.

I am obeying God and asking you to include me in your offerings and donations weekly, monthly or yearly so I can go and stay for several months out of the year spreading the Gospel. Proverbs 19:17 “He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the LORD; and that which he hath given will he pay him again”.

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